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Your Jewelry Concierge

Last week my customer invited me to celebrate the completion of her new ring, and at one point she picked up her glass of champagne and said: “Cheers! To my Jewelry Concierge!”  We all laughed out loud, but then she pointed out that she was actually being very serious as she remembered all the times we met over jewelry in the last few years. The first time she contacted me to ask about resizing her gorgeous engagement ring as she jokingly referred to “those few pounds” she had gained since getting married and becoming a mum. And of course the latest ring that she just put on her finger and how it is exactly like she had dreamed of for years. But she also remembered how we designed her favorite diamond pendant around the gold from her late mother’s wedding ring and the time when me and my team managed to repair her tennis bracelet literally within one hour so she could wear it in time for her daughter’s graduation ceremony.

Whilst friend after friend joined in by remembering their Kristina jewelry anecdotes, I couldn’t stop thinking of the term “Jewelry-Concierge” and how it felt to be spot on. With so many happy customers all around Asia, most of them even becoming friends, and all of them with so many jewelry stories, I am proud to say: “I am Kristina Rybaltchenko – Your Jewelry Concierge!”

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