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Christmas With Kristina!

This Christmas Santa gets a special price on selected items from the brand new “Blooming Cactus Collection”! Order before December 15th and Santa will deliver before Christmas!*

*For Hong Kong, Macau only. For other countries your order needs to be placed before December 10th to allow for timely shipping

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Lets surprise him too!

This year has been tough on everyone, not least our husbands, so we should not forget to surprise them this Christmas with a gift that will last a lifetime. So this Christmas let Santa bring him something truly unique and order him his personalized 18K gold and diamond cuff links!

Order before December 15th to get your cuff links delivered before Xmas*

*For Hong Kong, Macau only. For other countries your order needs to be placed before December 10th to allow for timely shipping

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Our “Blooming Cactus Collection” is out!

I am super excited to introduce our new “Blooming Cactus Collection”!

This collection of Gold and Diamond Jewelry is inspired by the extremely rare and ever so beautiful cactus blossom. Each Jewelry piece in the collection is adorned with one or more cactus flowers which are crafted out of gold and set with a center diamond. We envision the collection to be at its best in pink gold, but of course it’s also available in white and yellow gold. The Collection consists of multiple rings and bangles as well as a pendant and matching earrings. Go Ahead, indulge yourself and order now!

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Treat Yourself to a Crown

All of us ladies have a moment when we really want to cheer ourselves up due to work problems or kids are being hard on us or just life in general. Moreover, we have sometimes this deep wish to treat ourselves to something nice, durable and real. Our Crown ring will empower you & boost your energy levels – you will have a modern not too pricey piece of jewelry – crafted just for you – in any gold color with round, pear or princess shape diamonds or combined. Place your order & in 5 days you will shine like a Queen

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Happy Qixi Festival 2020

This year, the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar falls on August 25th. And on this day we celebrate Qixi Festival also know as the Chinese Valentine’s day.

Legend has it that there was once a young cowherd by the name of Niulang and an old ox. The story goes that Niulang, once saved the ox when it was sick. In return, the ox introduces Niulang to a fairy by the name of Zhinü, who was the daughter of the goddess of heaven. Zhinü and Niulang fall in love and get married without telling her mother. For a few years they live a happy life together and even have two children: one boy and one girl.

One day Zhinü’s mother finds out that Zhinü married a mere mortal. The goddess of heaven is furious and sends her celestial soldiers to bring Zhinü back to heaven, leaving Niulang very sad after his wife is taken back to heaven.

Hearing the sad news, his friend the ox invites Niulang to kill him so Niulang can wear his skin, giving him the power to go up to heaven to find his wife. Crying bitterly, Niulang kills the ox, puts on his skin, and carries his two beloved children off to heaven to find Zhinü. Right before he’s able to reach Zhinü, the goddess of heaven creates a huge river between them. The river separates them forever, and the river will become known as the Milky Way.
However, all hope is not lost, as Niulang and Zhinü’s love for one another moves all the magpies in the land to take pity on them, and they fly up to heaven to form a bridge over the river, so that Niulang and Zhinü can meet. Eventually, even the goddess is moved by their love and so she allows them a meeting on the magpie bridge once that day every year (the seventh day of the seventh lunar month). 

We wish everyone a happy Qixi Festival and invite you to celebrate this day of love with our L’amour collection

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Certified Jewelry Grader

Receiving this certificate of achievement from my diamond school is a very big honor for me!

In 2009 I graduated from HRD Antwerp as a diamond grader, in May 2020 our company became finalists for the “international HRD design awards”. Now in August 2020 I have successfully completed a jewelry grading course – it is a true honor and achievement for us. Our whole team is super proud and thankful to HRD China for such opportunity.

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Kristina’s Ring-size Guide

So you finally found that ring you absolutely love and now you need to know your ring size? Don’t worry! We created “Kristina’s Ring-size Guide” to help you determine your exact ring-size!

Download and print out my ring-size guide

If you have a perfectly fitting ring you may simply use method B, otherwise make use of Method A to measure your US ring size. When placing your order don’t forget to let us know if you are using the US size or MM size.

Don’t have any access to a printer?

Still no need to worry! You can still measure your ring size using a very simple trick!

Cut a strip of paper that you can easily fold around your finger. Make sure it’s wide enough so you don’t measure only the slimmest part of your finger. You also need to make sure that it’s not too wide so you will only measure the thickness of your knuckle; As a rule of thumb the strip should be about 10MM wide.

When done, simply fold the strip around your finger between the base and your knuckle and mark down the spot where the end meets the strip. Take away the strip, lay it flat and use a ruler to measure the distance between the marking and the beginning of the strip. Congratulations; you have just measured your exact ring size!

This measurement is the actually your fingers’ circumference, so make sure to mention “circumference” together with your ring size when placing your order. Please also don’t forget to let us know if your ruler uses inches or millimetres.

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Rough Diamond Rings!

Finally finished our Rough Diamonds Wedding rings!

Both stones have identical weights 0.72 carats each, both are top white rough.

Both rings are crafted in 18K yellow solid gold.

When you get married, you are usually young, inexperienced, full of life person – therefore i compare a young married person with a rough diamond…Let’s polish each other into a perfect married couple.