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Treat Yourself to a Crown

All of us ladies have a moment when we really want to cheer ourselves up due to work problems or kids are being hard on us or just life in general. Moreover, we have sometimes this deep wish to treat ourselves to something nice, durable and real. Our Crown ring will empower you & boost your energy levels – you will have a modern not too pricey piece of jewelry – crafted just for you – in any gold color with round, pear or princess shape diamonds or combined. Place your order & in 5 days you will shine like a Queen

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Rough Diamond Rings!

Finally finished our Rough Diamonds Wedding rings!

Both stones have identical weights 0.72 carats each, both are top white rough.

Both rings are crafted in 18K yellow solid gold.

When you get married, you are usually young, inexperienced, full of life person – therefore i compare a young married person with a rough diamond…Let’s polish each other into a perfect married couple.

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Your Jewelry Concierge

Last week my customer invited me to celebrate the completion of her new ring, and at one point she picked up her glass of champagne and said: “Cheers! To my Jewelry Concierge!”  We all laughed out loud, but then she pointed out that she was actually being very serious as she remembered all the times we met over jewelry in the last few years. The first time she contacted me to ask about resizing her gorgeous engagement ring as she jokingly referred to “those few pounds” she had gained since getting married and becoming a mum. And of course the latest ring that she just put on her finger and how it is exactly like she had dreamed of for years. But she also remembered how we designed her favorite diamond pendant around the gold from her late mother’s wedding ring and the time when me and my team managed to repair her tennis bracelet literally within one hour so she could wear it in time for her daughter’s graduation ceremony.

Whilst friend after friend joined in by remembering their Kristina jewelry anecdotes, I couldn’t stop thinking of the term “Jewelry-Concierge” and how it felt to be spot on. With so many happy customers all around Asia, most of them even becoming friends, and all of them with so many jewelry stories, I am proud to say: “I am Kristina Rybaltchenko – Your Jewelry Concierge!”

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Ruby Passion Ring

Passion during Covid-19? Do you think is impossible? Of course not, is very much possible!
There are no obstacles for two people to fall in love, to feel passion. Be it at war times, be it during pandemics..
Red represents Love, Fire, Feelings.
I used Deep Red Ruby – it is Passion.
To keep the ring balanced, i added the purest whitest brilliant cut diamonds.
All finished in 18K white gold with Hong Kong stamp for quality

Are you in love? Are you falling desperately for her/him…say it with our Passion Ring???

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Dreams come true…!

Recently I made this Cartier inspired ring for my Hong Kong lady customer. Various times she said it was always her dream ring…Cartier Cactus ring in 18K pink gold with a clean brilliant cut diamond.

”We make your dreams come true”

Are you also dreaming of Cartier, Tiffany, or any other branded jewelry? Have you also been holding off waiting “for the right time” or “feeling guilty for spending big”? Just get in touch with me! 

Let me know what is your favorite design and together we can make your dreams come true!