Celtic Wedding Jewelry

The Celtic tribes or Celts were the most powerful people in central and northern Europe during the Iron Age, and are best known for their symbols. To the Celts these symbols played a powerful role because they reflected their beliefs in important subjects like love, wisdom, loyalty and energy. They would exchange knots in the shape of these symbols at wedding ceremonies in the same way as we exchange wedding rings at our modern time ceremonies. Fascinated by this ancient Celtic traditions Kristina thought to re-introduce them as part of her wedding jewelry collections. She understood that her way of introducing these Celtic symbols on our modern day wedding rings would create contemporary wedding rings with extraordinary symbolism. Since the introduction of the Kristina Rybaltchenko Celtic wedding bands they have indeed proven to be an irresistible combination of ancient symbolism and modern day style for many couples to be.

Having studied the Celtic Symbolism in detail, Kristina decided that she wanted to introduce four of them on her special collection of Celtic wedding bands: The Trinity knot symbolizing the Holy Trinity, the Eternity Knot symbolizing the eternal love for one another, The Claddagh symbol representing love, loyalty, and friendship and the Weave symbol representing fertility and the creation of life. As a special dedication to the Celts and their culture, Kristina combined the two most powerful symbols of the Weave and the Trinity Knot into her fifth and most special Celtic wedding band.

The Celtic wedding bands can be worn by both husband and wife to show their dedication towards each other and to their future family. Many times though they are worn by the husband alone to show his extreme dedication to his wife and future family whilst his Wife will wear a Diamond set wedding band to show the couples social status


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