Diamond Color

The color of a Diamond is one of the 4 properties (or 4 C’s) that determine the value of a Diamond. For all Diamonds in our stock, we use the color classification for Diamonds as defined by the “Gemological Institute of America”, or “GIA”. Their color Classification scale has developed into the international standard for Diamond color grading.

This classification goes from the letter D for completely colorless Diamonds to the letter Z for Diamonds with a clear presence of color. Each letter from the alphabet in this D-to-Z range has a very narrowly defined range of color and is assigned to each Diamond under specific test conditions at GIA laboratories. While for the end consumer the difference in color is sometimes difficult see, even the smallest difference in color can mean a huge difference in the value of a Diamond. Only the precise test conditions at GIA laboratories makes it possible to distinguish between these slight color differences and to properly divide them over the D to Z color range.

The impact of the GIA color grade on a Diamond’s value depends on how colorless the Diamond is. The less color in a diamond – or the whiter it is- the higher the value. Of course with the exception of what we call “color diamonds”, such as yellow, green or blue diamonds that are classified separately on their color properties. For more information about what exactly color diamonds are, read our article called “Color Diamond”

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