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Great working with you!

To find a jeweler that I could entrust with creating a one-of-a-kind piece was difficult until I met Kristina! I talked to her of what i am looking for, she was very helpful, knowledgeable and was very open to my ideas for this piece, and we worked together.
She went out with me to check the different shapes and quality of diamonds. I don’t think i have ever tried so many diamond necklace in my life and finally we both agreed with this necklace which I’m planning to give to my granddaughter when she gets married in 20 to 30 years from now.

Thank you very much Kristina for giving me exactly what i asked for. You are such an amazing designer and your pieces reflect that. Everything is beautifully executed and finished. It was great working with you!

Mojdeh Kazemi

Literally fell in love with the ring

Literally fell in love with the ring on my trip to Hong Kong last year – it is striking and the colour is amazing! It is also designed in such a way that it does not shift on your finger! Wearing it ever since for special occasions or just when I need a bit more sparkle in my life!


I think in about 2008….

I think in about 2008 when we met in Antwerp, Belgium. It was really nice of you to give me the goods I needed for my client and always good service and your full confidence really helped me in my business. Now, of course, your designs are really eye-catching and especially the colors you choose in combination with real flowers. Your beauty also can be seen in some of your amazing creations and I really wish you even more success in your business ahead . I m really happy to be connected with you.

Ajay Arunkumar Vaidya

Piece of Art!

Very beautiful peace of art! Fantastic quality of work. It was a great present for my wife, showing my love to her with such a nice ring. Thank you Kristina for emotions and such a great work!

Peter Riba